WTIC uses state of the art technology provided by StagesCycling, the same technology used by 2015 Tour de France winners, Team Sky. This technology allows for riders to train indoors using Wattage, RPM and Heart Rate. Knowledge is power in the world of Cycling. As our riders become familiar with their own individual thresholds through proper FTP (Functional Threshold Power) testing, we are able to build ride profiles that will push each rider to their next level.


Cycling is an amazing way to increase endurance, cardiovascular health and lung capacity. WTIC instructors instruct off the bike which allows them to work directly with each individual during a ride to ensure they are working at the appropriate levels in order to increase their fitness levels without over training. Throughout the week, different ride profiles are offered to build endurance, strength and confidence.


As there is minimal impact to your joints, cycling is a useful form of rehabilitation for hips and knees as well as other joints and muscles that may be sore or injured. WTIC works with riders who require rehabilitation in order to develop a personal plan that will meet their rehabilitation requirements while still maintaining overall fitness.


Cycling not only creates lean muscle, but it is also a fun and easy way to burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time. Although not mandatory, WTIC encourages all riders to use a heart rate monitor and tracking application. This allows us to properly identify each rider’s personal training zones. Maintaining a heart rate in the optimal zone while cycling forces the body’s metabolism to function at a rate that is more efficient for losing weight. WTIC works with each rider to establish their training zones and to develop a regime that allows for both strength building and fat lose. Apart from proper nutrition, these are the two key components to healthy weight loss.